Logan Isitt

I was raised in Deland, Florida along with my four siblings and later attended Florida State University. During my time there I was involved in a student organization that traveled to other college universities to participate in hackathons. I left Florida State University before graduating to pursue a career in mobile development in Atlanta.

I have now lived in Atlanta for nearly 3 years and in that time I have worked at various tech companies, adopted my Dog, Maddie, bought a home in Old Fourth Ward, finished my Computer Science degree and met my girlfriend, Jordan.

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Clock In

The idea to develop Clock In came to me the summer after I finished high school, 2011. I had just gotten into iOS development and wanted a simple work time calculator. The first iteration was very simple and was just that - a calculator. Over the next few months I built out more functionality, like storing your shifts, and emailing them. I worked on it off and on for a few years. At the beginning of 2017, I decided to start adding even more functionality and a redesign. Today, Clock In allows users to visualizes their shifts with a custom built calendar component, track multiply jobs, export in a variety of formats, view by pay period, and more.

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Oh Snap

I often need to be remind to do something a lot. I found that the short coming of reminders app is that you have to remember to open the app to see your reminders. With Oh, I wanted adding a reminder to be as simple as possible, and then never have to open the app again, or at least a few days, but constantly be notified of my reminders. That’s all it is, simply add a reminder, give it an intensity, and get notified.

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Planet Out

While attending a hackathon focused on civil transportation I voiced an idea about a word game, and my team decided to hash out the dynamics involved with making it work. Essentially, Planet Out is about moving letter tiles  in such a way that whatever letter you change creates a new word, e.g. wow -> woe -> toe -> tie. This concept is known as word ladders and is something I find doing in my head from time to time. The next two months of Jordan and I’s life basically revolved around making this app. She designed it; I developed it. Brogan was born, and Planet Out was released.

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Spell It Out

Everyone has an app idea, and in the case of Spell It Out, I decided to developed my mom’s idea for some spelling games. The original Spell It Out was called iSpell and helped kids learn their spelling words with varies activities such as unscrambling words, spelling them backwards, a word search, and of course, a spelling test. Jordan updated the old chalkboard inspired design to something much more pleasing, and I scrapped the old project in favor of a brand new swift app.

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